7-11 Store No. 11713

From Aspen Hill, Maryland, USA
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7-11 Store No. 11713
14101 Georgia Avenue
Wheaton, MD 20906
301 871 1330


Trying to resolve abuses by staff through the means of talking to management is pointless. The owner will simply refer you to the manager and the manager will conduct himself as if seriously interested in resolving complaints. The next time you visit the store, the staff will be even more abusive.

It should be pointed out that they will smile in your face, humoring you as if you were blatantly insane, and all the while getting someone in behind you. If you're an actual official, they will be unfailingly polite and accomodating in all ways, until you are gone. That's the way it's done in their own country, and it's how they operate here.

In recent months, until a major police crackdown, they were a gathering place for illegal aliens seeking illegal employment. As an active support system for illegal aliens, you may expect them to be upset after losing all of that income based on pandering to illegal aliens and their unscrupulous employers.