13920 Georgia Avenue

From Aspen Hill, Maryland, USA
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Wachovia Bank
13920 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20906
Northgate Plaza Shopping Center
301 460 8981


2010 January, this site has been redeveloped and is now occupied as Wachovia Bank.

2009 May, this site is being demolished.

Formerly the site of:

Mayflower Buffet

The News Deli

Here are some site images, from before the rebuilding as Wachovia Bank.

Looking roughly NW.

Looking due south at the nearby Northgate Plaza Shopping Center.

Looking roughly NW from the median strip of Georgia Avenue.

Looking due north. Side view; note the ample parking.

Looking due east. Rear door view.

Looking east again from farther away. Parking for the facility is about 120 cars.

In ancient days of the 1970s, this was the site of a Burger Chef restaurant.


Management is by Lee Development Group.