Gate of Heaven Cemetery, NorthGate Plaza
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Legend to "Some Geograpic Information System Maps of Aspen Hill, MD USA"

Please note that the data is generated by collecting data from a wireless "PC-card" receiver being operated from the inside of a moving vehicle, and combining this with GPS location data. The GPS data does not match the overlaid map perfectly, there is some inherent location error, as much as about 50 feet in some cases, mostly displacement of the GPS track to the west of the overlaid map.

Please also note that this scanning of access points did not in any way intrude into the associated networks. Thus, it is impossible to determine from this data whether or not these access points are associated with world-routable InterNet addresses. This merely records "beacon" signals and the identities they broadcast.

  • Green: wide-open access point, no "WEP" encryption.
  • Red: WEP encryption in use.
  • Light Blue: 802.11g "fast" wireless access point.
  • Colored areas indicate measured fields of coverage.
    Note, some areas of coverage may not have been mapped.