"Various Tracts -- Best Guess! "

Contrast and compare with 1951 aerial photos from the County archive

See also Bauer Tract (1905) for comparison.

See also Cassell Tract (1866) for comparison.

Links are to the Aspen Hill Network Wiki, which has references to deeds, liber and folio.

  • Bauer Tract as of 1905, not yet diminished as in 1952, blue line and points west within the Cassell Tract.
  • Earle Tract I (Bradford's Rest) -- light purple and slightly darker purple.
  • Cassell Tract -- light and dark gold. Western portion overlaps Bauer Tract, a partion sold to Clarence Bauer and wife in 1905, eastern portion was sold to James Rannie about the same time.

  • Euster/Enster -- Dark orange, dark violet, dark red line. Between the Cassell Tract (Bradford's Rest) and the "Garter Lost" tract.
  • Garter Lost -- bright green lines in the vicinity of the modern-day Gate of Heaven Cemetery.
  • Goodman Tract -- dark green lines, in southwest Aspen Hill near Veirs Mill Road. Part of " Hermitage".
  • Vale Tract -- Dark Turquoise in far northwest corner of Aspen Hill, near Norbeck Road (MD-28).
  • Goebel Tract, in dark purple in the southernmost extreme, developed as the Robindale subdivision.
  • Royal View subdivision, in dark grey-blue in the southernmost extreme. Both the Goebel Tract and Royal View were subdivided from the Lucas Tract

Some of these tracts are in "Bradford's Rest", with the eastern lines of the Earle and Cassell Tracts being the "39th, 40th, 41st, and 42nd lines of Bradford's Rest", and with the southern common line being the so-called "West line of Hermitage", a large tract of land to the south of Euster and Bradford's Rest.

We are rather slowly tracing out the western portions of Bradford's rest. Some lines and endpoints are fairly exact, others are "best guess", generally based on "dead reckoning" and known landmarks and bounds of other tracts and subdivisions.