View Maryland Real-Estate and Tax Information, County DHCA Records Information, County Permits/Licenses Information.

Last data refresh from State property website, March 30 2010.

If you select by street, you will get a page listing every occupant address on that street, with links to State of Maryland and Montgomery County online information. If you click on the name of the occupant, you will get a page with the same links as before, for all records we have with that name, and you will also get a Google Map with markers indicating location. If you click on the marker, you will get a pop-up balloon with information and links to the State and County sites. You must have JavaScript enabled to see or use the Google Map. You may have to hold down your mouse key for a few seconds on the links in the pop-up balloon before a new window appears with the information from those sites.

If you select by name, you will get a page listing every occupant address with that name in our membership bounds. You will also get a Google Map of all of instances of that name shown as markers, as above. These markers have all of the features detailed above.

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All Locations Non-Primary Residence of Owner
Large list, cluttered map.
Non-Primary Residence of Owner, In Rental Permits Process or System
Non-Primary Residence of Owner, With Code Violation Histories