Aspen Hill Local Park is one of the hidden gems of Aspen Hill. The deer are so tame that you can walk almost right up to them to take a photograph. But the deer are not the only wildlife you will find here.


I don't know to whom belongs this pair of little light-pink running shoes. I'd guess from the color, and from the size, that they probably belonged to some female probably between the ages of 15 and 25.


And under what circumstances, one might ask, would a young lady leave her running shoes, still tied, in the woods just off of the trail in Aspen Hill Local Park?

Below, from not far away, along this unpaved branch of the trail that leads directly to Veirs Mill Road past a promontory with a cave, we find a lot of discarded food packaging from "Wendys".


A bit farther along the trail, just past the cave, we find clear glass broken in the trial. Because it is transparent, it is very hard to see in the photo, but it is there if you will download the very large full size version by clicking on the image. And, almost invisible, it waits on the trail as it waits in so many places. So why are the little pink sneakers, still with their laces tied, farther back on this trail? The broken glass is all over the place back here. Who would take off their shoes?


A little farther down the stream, we see someone's running shorts on the far side of the stinking little creek. I wonder whose they are, and how long they have been there, and who placed them there as if to dry in the sun? And why didn't they come back for their laundry?


At the top of the promontory, in the spacious woods above the crest of the cliff, we see a party place, a campsite of sorts, with lots of trash left scattered. There are bottles, whole and broken, and playing cards, and other trash. You don't have to look too far to find a condom or two.


And perhaps only 30 feet away, another such party place or campsite.


Looking down towards the stinking creek, from above the cave, atop the cliff. Someone likes to drink, close to the edge.


It's hard to tell which is more dangerous, the broken glass that is transparent, or the grass-green glass of this broken "Heineken" bottle.


And here is more trash, but at least this is in bags.


Clearly people have been making a habit of partying up in here, and not cleaning up after themselves.




And here is part of a copy of "El Tiempo Latino", apparently stuck to this tree with human feces.


Here is even more of the dangerous mix of green broken glass and vegetation.


Let's play "spot the Corona bottle" before you trip over it and scatter even more shards of transparent broken glass everywhere.



Even more glass, and even more rocks.


Just up the hill from where we found the pink girly sneakers, with their laces still tied, we see clear signs of camping in the form of a sleeping bag and pillow.


These are the "rocks", a "party place". They are about 100 yards or so from the water fountain in the lower parking lot of Aspen Hill Local Park, off of Baltic Avenue.


And still I am wondering... whose sneakers are those, and who would take off their sneakers leaving the laces still tied... amid all of that trash and broken glass.

August 24, 2008.

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